The 1988 Federal Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, provides in art. 17 the obligation of associations to be render accounts to the Electoral Court.

The mandatory accountability is required annually from political parties and is regulated in Chapter I of Title III of Law No. 9,096/1995.

Consult the reports (in portuguese)

DivulgaSPCA presents the annual reports of political parties throughout Brazil. The name refers to the data entered in the Annual Accountability System (SPCA, the acronym in Portuguese).

Through this system, it is possible to consult the information of the annual accounts rendered by the party directories, with a breakdown of the expenses made and the financial and/or estimated money resources collected for the maintenance of the party. This transparency allows society to exercise control over the resources collected and the expenditures made.

The system is made available on the internet to all citizens. To access it, there is no need for prior registration or user authentication.