International Affairs Advisory Office

Brazil has one of the most advanced voting systems in the world. The Brazilian electoral experience, especially with the advent of electronic voting, has become an international reference. In this context, the TSE's Office of International and Ceremonial Affairs aims to strengthen relations between the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court and the various international electoral bodies.

It is incumbent upon the Advisory Office, among others, to:

  • Plan, promote and execute policies for the dissemination of the Brazilian electoral process with international organizations;

  • Present international technical cooperation studies and projects;

  • Coordinate visits by foreign missions to the Superior Electoral Court and, when requested, to regional electoral courts;

  • Advise magistrates and Electoral Justice officials when on missions of observation, monitoring and supervising of elections abroad;

  • Advise the units of the Secretariat of the Court and of the regional electoral courts, in the intermediation of international affairs;

  • Organize and monitor foreign protocol visits;

  • Organize the President's agenda of international engagements;

  • Advise the Presidency in events and in official visits of national and foreign personalities to this Court, coordinating and supervising the related measures;

  • Organize the visits, receive and guide visitors and prepare and deliver the Guided Visit Certificate - when duly requested - on the occasion of national and foreign institutional visits;

  • Provide reception of magistrates from other States, after authorization from the Presidency; and

  • Accompany the President on external ceremonies and official visits to other institutions.


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