Candidate registration

To participate in the elections, political parties must have their by-laws registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) up to one year before the election and, until the date of the party conventions, have a governing body constituted in the district where the election will take place.

Each party or coalition may request registration of:

  • a candidate for president of the Republic and the respective vice president;

  • one candidate for governor in each state and the Federal District, with their respective vice candidate;

  • a candidate for mayor in each municipality and the respective deputy candidate;

  • one or two candidates for senator in each unit of the Federation, every four years, alternately, and of their respective alternates;

  • candidates for federal deputy, district deputy, state deputy and councilor, in accordance with the criteria of proportionality established in FC/1988, in the Electoral Code and in Law No. 9,504/1997.

For more information, access annotated Electoral Code and complementary legislation (PDF format)

Candidate registration applications must be submitted by 7:00 pm on August 15 of the election year. For candidates for president and vice president of the Republic, requests will be made at the TSE; for senator, federal deputy, governor and vice-governor, district deputy and state deputy, in the TREs; and, for councilor, mayor and deputy mayor, in electoral courts. Registration of the same candidate for more than one elective position will not be admitted.

The application for registration must be presented through magnetic means generated by the Candidacy System - External Module (CANDex), developed by the Superior Electoral Court, accompanied by the printed copies of the Demonstration of Regularity of Party Acts (Drap) and Application for Registration of Candidacy (RRC) forms, issued by the system and signed by the applicants.

The Drap must be delivered with a copy of the minutes of the party convention typed, signed, and accompanied by the list of participants with their respective signatures.

The registration request must be signed:

  • by the president of the national, regional, or municipal directory, or

  • by the chairman of the respective provisional steering committee or

  • by the registered municipal delegate.

In the case of a coalition, the request must be signed:

  • by the presidents of related political parties, or

  • by its delegates, or

  • by the majority of members of the respective executive management bodies or

  • by the representative of the coalition or delegates designated by the participating parties

If the political party or coalition does not request the registration of the candidates chosen during the convention, they may do so within a maximum period of 48 hours following the publication of the list of candidates by the competent electoral court, presenting the Application for Registration of Individual Candidacy (RRCI, the acronym in Portuguese) together with the required documents.

Every citizen can aspire to an elected office, as long as the conditions established in the Constitution and in the electoral legislation are respected. The Federal Constitution and Complementary Law No. 64/1990 establish cases of ineligibility, and the complementary law is also responsible for providing for the deadlines for cessation of ineligibility and other measures. According to FC/1998, to run for an election the requirements are:

  • have Brazilian nationality;

  • find themselves in full exercise of political rights;

  • be registered in the electoral system;

  • have an electoral domicile in the place where the election will take place (circumscription) for at least one year before the election;

  • be affiliated with a political party for at least six months before the elections (art. 9 of Law No. 9,504/1997);

  • be at least:

    • 35 years old for president, vice president of the Republic and senator;

    • 30 years old for governor and vice-governor of the state and the Federal District;

    • 21 years old for mayor, vice mayor, federal, state or district deputy;

    • 18 years old for councilor.

Pursuant to Law No. 9,504/1997, art. 11, § 2, the minimum age constitutionally established as a condition of eligibility is verified by reference to the date of inauguration, with the exception of the minimum age provided for the office of councilor, which must be proven on the deadline for requesting the registration of application.

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