The Program - in numbers

The Program 

  • Affiliations to the Program: 66 entities joined.

  • Specific agreements signed with partners: 29 agreements providing for concrete actions and measures to tackle disinformation in the 2020 Elections.

  • TSE team directly involved: 29 servers and collaborators who worked on the Program Executing Team, on the Strategic Committee, on the Database Committee, and on the Communication Advisory Team (Ascom), in addition to dozens of other people, especially from STI, who helped in the development of new systems and features and worked in the cyber-intelligence team.

  • TRE team directly involved: 27 focal points for combating disinformation, in addition to members of the local strategic committees and other employees involved. 


Tackling Disinformation with Infomation  

  • Verification Coalition: 2020 Elections: 274 articles with content verification published by the TSE and by partner verification institutions, with the participation of more than 100 people, including journalists and Electoral Justice employees. 

  • Chatbot on WhatsApp: 18,758,126 messages exchanged with 1,050,260 Brazilians. 

  • Fact or Rumor page: 13,042,934 views between October 27 and December 31, 2020 and 400 million banner impressions on YouTube. 

  • Notifications by Electoral Justice apps: 300 million informational notifications sent to more than 18 million users. 

  • #EuVotoSemFake Campaign: 100+ institutions engaged in the campaign to form a network to disseminate reliable information about the elections, which produced more than 23 thousand posts on Twitter.  

  • #NãoTransmitaFakeNews Campaign: 2,371 tweets published by 18 football clubs reached 44,889,817 people

  • Campaign #PartiuVotar: 344 tweets published by the CBF and football clubs with 37,202,793 people reached.


Tackling Disinformation with Capacity-Building  

  • If It’s Fake News, Share It TV and radio campaign: around 130 million Brazilians reached and more than 10 billion unique views during the broadcast period. 
  • Verification Minute Program: 8 episodes aired on TV and YouTube, with 4.5 million views on YouTube alone. 

  • The Path for Voting series: training citizens on the process of counting and totaling votes with more than 700 thousand views on YouTube. 

  • Lives to fight disinformation in partnership with Google: over 150 thousand views

  • Electoral Law Course for Journalists Focusing on the 2020 Elections: participation of more than a thousand journalists in a course that addressed, among other issues, the security of the voting system. 


Tackling Disinformation with a Focus on Controlling Inauthentic Behaviors

  • Bulk messaging grievance channel: 5,229 reports received and 1,042 accounts banned for bulk messaging related to the elections. Across Brazil, WhatsApp deleted more than 360 thousand accounts because of bulk or automated messaging (abuse/spam). 

  • Monitoring of social media: 752 indications of disinformation were analyzed and dealt with in order to minimize their negative effects on the electoral process.