At the launch of the Program to Tackle Disinformation with a Focus on the 2020 Elections, in August 2019, 34 institutions signed the Term of Affiliation to the Program. 

During its development, other institutions expressed interest or were invited to join, so that the Program reached, in September 2020, the mark of 55 partner institutions. 

The Program admitted public and private entities that fell into the following categories as partners: 

  • Social communication media, verification institutions, and other associations representing press sectors; 

  • Internet application providers, including social media, private messaging services, and search engines; 

  • Political Parties; 

  • Entities or public bodies that can contribute to the planning of actions, prevention, or repression of disinformation; and 

  • Associations, foundations, institutes, research institutions, movements, or groups, with expertise related to the themes of disinformation, freedom of expression, technology, democracy, elections, electoral law and human rights, and notorious public recognition in their area of expertise.