Empowering Brazilian Youth to Participate in Democratic Processes

More recently, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has been actively engaged in promoting inclusion and political participation, especially of minorities, with the aim of consolidating and strengthening democracy and institutions in Brazil.

Through frequent contacts with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) since a visit to the IFES headquarters, in October 2020, these evolved into the joint negotiation of two Concept Notes, called, respectively, "Fighting Online and Offline Violence Against Women in Public Life in Brazil" and "Empowering Brazilian Youth to Participate in Democratic Processes".

The first is aimed at mitigating gender-based violence in electoral processes by improving databases on the phenomenon - which would occur through the adaptation of the methodology developed by IFES - as well as supporting Brazilian civil society organizations in their strategies to combat violence.

The second seeks to increase the engagement of young Brazilians in political and electoral processes through the formulation of an online course on concepts of politics and democracy, as well as teacher training.

The TSE has already committed to being a partner in the program and seeks to contribute to the project's objectives through our Electoral Justice School, together with our team of experts, selecting and training university educators and also integrating a virtual learning platform.

These are currently being formalized, with the signing of the respective letters of commitment.