Commission for Tackling Harassment and Discrimination

The National Council of Justice (CNJ) - a public institution that aims to improve the work of the Brazilian judiciary system, especially with regard to administrative and procedural control and transparency - instituted on October 28, 2020 the Policy for the Prevention and Combat of Moral Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and All Forms of Discrimination, in order to promote decent, healthy, safe and sustainable work within the scope of the Judiciary.

It applies to all conducts of harassment and discrimination within the scope of socio-professional relationships and the organization of work in the Judiciary, practiced in person or by virtual means, including those against interns, apprentices, service providers, volunteers, and other employees.

On May 13, 2021, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) established a Tackling Commission within the scope of this Court, with a view to making it possible to comply with CNJ Resolution No. 351/2020.

Main attributions:

  • Contribute to the development of an institutional assessment of moral and sexual harassment practices;

  • Suggest measures to prevent, guide, and fight moral and sexual harassment at work;

  • Warn about the existence of an environment, practice or situation favorable to moral harassment or sexual harassment;

  • Make recommendations and request action from the directors and managers of organizational units, such as:

    1. Investigation of harassment reports;

    2. Protection of the people involved;

    3. Ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of the investigations;

    4. Promotion of temporary operational changes until the situation ends;

    5. Changes in methods and processes in the organization of work;

    6. Improvements in working conditions;

    7. Improvement of people management practices; and

    8. Review of organizational strategies and/or management methods that may configure organizational moral harassment.