Program to confront disinformation - Elections 2020

The Program to Tackle Disinformation with a Focus on the 2020 Elections (Program) was launched by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on 8.30.2019, during the presidency of Minister Rosa Weber. The Program aims to address the negative effects caused by disinformation to the image and credibility of the Electoral Justice, the holding of elections and the actors involved in them, through short, medium, and long-term actions, supported in various areas of human knowledge. 

It is guided by six thematic components: 

  • Internal Organization  

Focused on the integration and coordination between the levels and areas that make up the organizational structure of the Electoral Justice system and the definition of the respective attributions in the execution of actions to elaborate and disseminate counterinformation to disinformation practices. 

  • Media and information literacy 

Focused on training to identify and check disinformation practices and understanding the electoral process, in particular regarding the operation and security of electronic voting machines and situations likely to lead to the annulment of votes and elections. 

  • Containing disinformation  

Focused on establishing and improving concrete measures aimed at discouraging disinformation practices. 

  • Identification and verification of disinformation  

Focused on establishing and improving methods for identifying possible disinformation practices and verifying them. 

  • Improvement of the legal framework 

Focused on reviewing and improving the existing legal framework on disinformation. 

  • Improvement of technological resources  

Focused on encouraging the development and improvement of information technology and communications resources used in identifying disinformation and disseminating counterinformation.